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Tuesday 22nd September 2020

I sit in my 'kiosk', affronting Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury between The Anchor, and that marvellous centre of excellence in family Indian cooking, The Third Place. I am often asked -

"What exactly is it you do?"

Answer: Words. There is a moment in 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid', when Butch is hiding on the top of the mountain, with a mysterious opponent chasing him and his partner across the dust-filled plain, wearing an ominous black hat, and Butch turns and says,

"Who is that man?"

The answer to the local, Shrewsbury question is - 'Words-man', or, more conventionally, 'Wordsmith' = 'Me - Mike Willmott, Shrewsbury Words.'

I write poetry myself, encouraged by the Anglo-Welsh Poetry Society.

I have taught English, and English Literature, for over 40 years, to all sorts and conditions of men, and women, boys and girls.

I enjoy teaching to Oxbridge Entrance Level, but, after Comprehensive teaching in Wolverhampton, I love the challenge of helping anyone, from anywhere, improve their English.

I have achieved some staggering exam results for people who did not think they could get as far as they got. But, more importantly, I, and they, enjoyed the English going.

(I failed a strange exam called The Use of English, back in 1966, and had the failure notice put on the school noticeboard, for all to see - so I know what 'failing' at English is about.)


We teach (best) English.
We put your handwritten words right: 'the best of all possible words'.
We advise about putting your words in the right order, for publication.
We check your adverts, and websites: your grammar mustn't let your graphics down.
We help your novel, poetry anthology, autobiography, etc, get into print.
We help promote your book, get it maximal local and national publicity, and international distribution.

That's all - words, words, words - your (best) words -

for the rest of the world.

Best words work!