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Saturday 15th December 2018

Publications » 41 Shropshire Recipies

"Shrewsbury Biscuits... specially presented to the young Princess Victoria when she visited the town in the 1830s."

"Roast Lamb and Damson Cheese. The King of Nepal's favourite meal... accordingly, an order for 2 cwt (100 kg) of Damson Cheese was passed on to Market Drayton W.I. to be delivered to the Guildhall in London."

"Shrewsbury Stew with Mustard and Herb Dumplings. This recipe comes from the classbook of a student attending Radbrook Catering College in 1917 - when lessons were divided into two sections, wartime and peacetime."

And so it goes on - 41 delectable recipes, with inexpensive ingredients simple to prepare, from across the county, and across the ages, from present-day experts and traditional cooks.

Mary de Saulles, who has made this selection, is an architect and author of 'The Book of Shrewsbury'.

Slow Food is an international non-profit-making association founded in 1986 as a response to the standardising effects of fast food - linking ethics with pleasure. Membership in the UK was fairly small until 2000, but since then there has been a steady growth of members. See Times article 15.4.2004, and information on the web:, and for Slow Food Ludlow Marches, see

As a gesture of support for the commendable work being done (by local volunteers), a small donation is being made from the sale of each recipe book.

Shrewsbury Words : Local Publications Writers Proofreading & Copywriting

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