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Saturday 15th December 2018

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A Shropshire Inventor and an International Engineer

Not enough is known about this fascinating nineteenth century man, who invented several ingenious machines (and managed one or two disasters). The trouble is that what is written about him has been poorly researched. The biggest blunder is the failure to recognize that he is a Shropshire man - a Salopian of whom the country as well as the county can be proud. This book sets the record straight: although Llanymynech has one foot in Wales, the main part of the town is true England - the Marches country of Shropshire. Other factual matters are straightened out, and the story is told with lively illustrations and thorough background information.

About the Author

Stan Brown began his working life in 1936, as an apprentice in the Radio Branch of the Post Office at Rugby, and he retired in1983 as Manager of five of their largest transmitting stations. He then began a new career as a parish councillor and concurrently for eight years as a Borough councillor, retiring again in 1999 as Mayor of Oswestry. He is a chartered engineer and a member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers. He was awarded an MBE in 2003 for "Community Services".

Shrewsbury Words : Local Publications Writers Proofreading & Copywriting

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